Cotton Combed – Smooth and Comfortable Material for Shirt

Cotton Combed is one type of cotton (cotton) are very soft. A manufacturing is specially processed cotton fibers before spinning machine processed. The nature of combed cotton is very smooth and strong, so combed cotton is often used for materials such as linen or fabric shirts.

Indonesia’s have tropical climate and your daily routine, then make casual wear and sportswear with combed cotton as the right choice because it is easy to absorb sweat and comfortable.

Combing is a method for preparing carded fiber for spinning. Combing is divided into linear and circular combing. The Noble comb is an example of circular combing. The French comb is an example of linear combing. The process of combing is accompanied by gilling, a process of evening out carded or combed top making it suitable for spinning. Combing separates out short fibers by means of a rotating ring or rectilinear row of steel pins. The fibers in the ‘top’ it produces have been straightened and lie parallel to each other. When combing wool, the discarded short fibers are called noils, and are ground up into shoddy.

In general there are two main systems of preparing fiber for yarn: the worsted system and the woollen system. The worsted system is defined by the removal of short fibers by combing and top preparation by gilling. In the woollen system short fibers are retained, and it may or may not involve combing.

The Noble comb is no longer used in worsted system as technology is inefficient. Noble combing may have uses for woollen system, or long fibers 250 mm+. The predominant technology for all fibers is the French comb system. A cotton comber is scaled and simplified mechanically version of a rectilinear comb relative to a mean fiber length (similar to Naismith comber). This scaled version of wool comb can be seen in stroke of the components used in a cotton comber. The scaled down has the purpose of accommodating fiber length and fiber physics requirements. The same scaled-up version of a comb can be seen in the way flax is combed.

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